Kids Crime Watch Pool Party

The Annual Kids Crime Watch Pool Party will be held Saturday August 1st, 2015 from 12-4pm.  The fire department and police department haven’t confirmed what time they will be stopping by yet.  Pizza and drinks are being donated by AMG.

Backyard Bouncing will be setting up a water slide, cotton candy, sno-cone, tables and chairs at the pool.

Spread the word to your neighbors about the Kids Crime Watch Pool party – we’ll see you there!

The Times of University Heights

Dear Homeowners,

I hope this letter finds everyone happy and excited to see Summer finally approaching.

I would like to first announce that the Board has unanimously approved having off-duty CMPD officers patrol the community during the summer. Our goal is to keep crime down with an increased presence of the police.

We started the preventative maintenance program in March on Forest Side Land and Forest Landing to include: painting of doors and shutters, roof and siding repairs and pressure washing the front porches and steps/walkways.

We will also begin spot pressure washing all of the community in June.

We are also excited to announce that the community’s parking lots will be re-surfaced and parking space assignments re-striped and re-painted in June. This will give the community a much needed revitalization and updated look!

After an exhaustive search that took several months and interviewing a dozen companies, we have finally found a new towing company that seems diligent in the towing of illegally parked cars. Please see the article on the next page for more information.

These things are making a difference! Realtors have said that our community is the best-kept Portrait community in the University area – and we couldn’t have accomplished it without your support. It is taking some time, and we knew it would – but it is getting done – and it is paying off.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at

Shay Cornet

Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes

Download PDF:  March - Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes (453)


Meeting Minutes for Thursday, March 27, 2014 

Present: Shay Cornett, Jennifer Guilfoil, Jim Sanders, Michael Winecoff

Dacy Flynt, Property Manager — Association Management Group of Charlotte, Inc.

I. Opening 

S. Cornett called the University Heights Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors meeting to order at 6:00 PM at Back Creek Presbyterian Church.

II. Election of Officers 

M. Winecoff made the motion seconded by J. Sanders to appoint Shay Cornett to the office of president. Motion carried.

J. Guilfoil made the motion seconded by M. Winecoff to appoint Kelly Strong to the office of vice president. Motion carried.

J. Guilfoil made the motion seconded by S. Cornett to appoint Michael Winecoff to the office of secretary. Motion carried.

J. Guilfoil made the motion seconded by S. Cornett to appoint Michael Winecoff to the office of treasurer. Motion carried.

Jennifer Guilfoil, Terry Mullins and Jim Sanders were appointed as at-large board members.

III. Committee Reports 

D. Flynt created two documents Committee Guidelines Policy and Code of Conduct for Committee Members. Both of these documents were created to outline responsibility and decorum for committee members. All committee members will be required to sign both documents to assure understanding and adherence. M. Winecoff made the motion seconded by J. Guilfoil to approve the documents as written. Motion carried.

A. Landscape Committee 

• University Heights and Townes has a new Ruppert Landscape representative, Jack Jones.

• The board received a University Heights property inspection from Ruppert which notes dead plants, irrigation issues, trimming and other landscaping needs. Ruppert will provide the Landscape Committee a bid on these items. Many of these issues will be acted upon this year, budget permitting.

• Ruppert and S. Cornett reviewed the 2014 University Heights landscape proposal. They determined the schedule for planning, grooming and other landscaping needs.

• The townhouse siding damaged by Ruppert will be repaired by AMG and billed directly to Ruppert Landscape. The homeowner’s association will not incur any charges.

B. Parking Committee 

• There are parking problems on Birch Heights Court with some residents taking up all of the visitor parking spaces. Pictures will be taken to determine which homes are in violation. A parking notice will be mailed to the residents and homeowners noting the problem.

• The towing company has a new phone number and address: Paris Towing and Recovery Corp; 510 Valleydale Road, Charlotte, NC; 704-399-7111. Paris Towing will pay for the new signs throughout the community. The website has been changed.

C. Crime Watch Committee 

• No update.

D. Pool Committee 

• J. Sanders made the motion seconded by J. Guilfoil prohibiting the use or consumption of alcohol on the Common Areas or in or around the amenities of the Association. Motion carried. These areas include, but are not limited to the pool grounds (inside and outside the fence), the park area in front of the pool, the gazebo and park area on Pergola View Court/Pergola Place and the gazebo and park area on University Park Lane. This action was taken due to liability issues and under the advisement of the University Heights attorney.

• The pool opens May 24, 2014.

E. Social Committee 

• No update.

F. Communications Committee 

• Frank Stuart has been appointed as chair of the Communications Committee.

IV. Property Management Report 

• The tentative preventive maintenance schedule being developed for 2014.

V. Unfinished Business 

• The Association has received $10,120 as a result of maintenance performed by AMG. These are from violations that were the responsibility of the homeowners to get repaired, but were not. S. Cornett made the motion seconded by M. Winecoff to deposit these funds in the reserves account.

VI. New Business 

• No new business.

VII. Future Meetings 

• The next meeting is June 26. 2014.

VIII. Adjournment 

S. Cornett adjourned the meeting at 7:15 PM.